1398 South Grade Road, Hutchinson, MN 55350 Sunday school-9:00a.m. & Worship-10:10a.m.

Winter Bible Studies at OHCC

Monday (10a.m.) – Women’s Study, contact Diane for more details [led by Diane Freitag]

Monday¬†(7p.m.) – Women’s Study, held at the Olson home [led by Karen Olson]

Tuesdays (noon) – Men’s Study [led by Pastor Todd]

Wednesdays (9a.m.) – Women’s Study [led by Judy Hartzler]

Wednesdays (6:30p.m.) – “Cypress” High School Youth Group lessons [led by Amy DuFrene]

Wednesdays (6:30p.m.) – “Acacia” Middle School D/C (Discipleship/Confirmation) [led by Pastor Todd Harris]

Wednesdays (6:30p.m.) – “Mustard Seed Kids” A Bible study for our youngest members, with their parents [led by Janelle Popowski, and Erin Worthington]

Thursdays (noon) – Men’s Study [led by Pastor Todd]