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Release Time

Release Time is for students in 2nd thru 5th grades. Each week (starting at the end of October and going to the beginning of April) the students are dismissed from school for 1 hour on Wednesdays. During this 1 hour they come here to OHCC to learn about the Bible. We are on a 4 year cycle of what their focus is:

The Lord’s Prayer

The 10 Commandments

The Fruit of the Spirit and…

The Armor of God

Each year we have a teacher that helps facilitate the class AND helps create an exciting environment for the kiddos. Some other fun activities they do include writing to our missionaries, soldiers, college students, and more; Christmas caroling to our seniors; games/songs; and so much more!

The only time that we have no Release Time scheduled from Oct-April is when there is a 2 hour Late Start for school. If it is scheduled there is a special program we promote called MAP and if it is an unscheduled (i.e. due to snow) we simply miss out on that week.

If you have questions please contact the church office!