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Missions and outreach

God is a missionary God.  God’s mission [missio Dei] is rooted in His intention to heal and  restore His Creation through Christ.  Because God is a missionary God, He sends us as incarnational representatives of His Kingdom. Responding to Jesus’ call on our lives in Matthew28:19‐20, Oak Heights is committed to making disciples by reaching out to “all nations” with the gospel, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey Jesus.

We directly help sponsor Covenant missionaries in Mexico and national missionaries in south Asia. We recently helped rebuild a church in Kuergeng, Ethiopia. Oak Heights supports missionaries and ministries through Covenant World Mission, Covenant World Relief and also contributes to a number of ministries in the Hutchinson community, including Common Cup Ministries, Habitat for Humanity and the McLeod County Food Shelf.

Oak Heights’ members and attenders directly participate in a variety of  short and long‐term projects locally, nationally and internationally. Some of our members and regular attenders have long term missions experience.

Our Outreach Commission promotes local ministry opportunities, networks with missionaries abroad, and integrates mission into the life of the church.

In 2016 we have supported “one of our own” on the Ivory Coast, Africa serving in Medical Missions. She will return in late August/early September. We have also sent 2 members to connect with our sister church in Kuergeng, Ethiopia-they have wonderful stories of who they met, and what they learned over there. This summer we are sending 2 different youth trips: the High School trip is to Cheyenne River, South Dakota-a Native American Reservation; the Middle School trip is to Duluth, Minnesota. Both of our youth trips are partnering with Youthworks! out of Minneapolis, MN. We have also commissioned a doctor in our congregation to Romania, she is there right now!

Please contact the church office for more information on previous trips, current trips, upcoming trips, how to support our missionaries and so much more!

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