1398 South Grade Road, Hutchinson, MN 55350 Worship Service - 10:10am

Old Fashion Tent Meetings

Remember the stories you heard in books, movies, or maybe from your grandparents; how there was a time when preachers or evangelists would travel? When they traveled and came to a town, the town nearly shut down to go to a large tent and hear the message said preacher/evangelist had to share. It was a time of simplicity, a time when people enjoyed being with one another, a time to worship our Creator together- out doors, and a time to hear the Gospel preached from a new vessel.

Here at Oak Heights we strive to bring the Gospel to all people. Old Fashioned Tent Meetings are one of the ways that we do this. Each year we ask an evangelist to come out, we find outstanding worship groups, and we share testimonies together. This all surrounding the main purpose of presenting the Gospel. This is a wonderful event, one that will truly impact you!

Summer of 2018’s events are: (Welcome tent opens 6p.m. each night with food and beverages)

August 24- Bluegrass music, testimonies, and Apologist Cameron McCallister **at Library Square

August 25-music, testimonies, and Apologist Cameron McCallister **at Library Square

August 26- Back at OHCC for music, testimonies and fellowship



There will be free hot dogs provided!